The power of data-driven
decision making

Want to make data-driven decisions the rule, rather than the exception, in your agile processes? Norstat Express, a self-service market research solution, gives you answers in an hour, so you can test early and often, bringing the benefits of fast, actionable market research to more decisions.

Not a day goes by when a manager or team doesn’t face an important decision that impacts their business or their clients. Whether developing a new product, designing a campaign, or crafting a new tagline, decisions are an integral part of the process. And they often need to happen fast.

And while the instincts of seasoned decision-makers are an important asset in any team, it’s always better to have hard data to fall back on.

“We believe that every decision deserves to be made with data”
Norstat CTO Siv Rønstad
Siv Rønstad

Rønstad is one of the driving forces behind Norstat Express, an easy-to-use survey tool that generates quality market research data, virtually on-demand. The solution lets users pose questions to as many as 500 people - and get answers within an hour.

“Our clients explained how valuable real-time access to our consumer panels would be for many of their processes. We developed Norstat Express to help fill that need,” she explains.

Setting up a survey takes a matter of minutes. Users can pose up to five questions and include images and videos.

If a design team develops five prototypes for a new container design, they can upload pictures of each one into Norstat Express and know which design consumers prefer in less than an hour later.

“At that speed, it’s possible to run a multiple A/B tests or other comparisons in a single afternoon,” Rønstad explains. “And everyone can have peace of mind knowing that the final design decision is based on data from real consumers, rather than the gut feeling of one strong-willed designer.”

Users can choose their specific target group based on gender, age, and geography. The sample can be nationwide, or from a particular region.

Norstat Express can provide answers so fast because it relies on convenience sampling. Panel members in the chosen demographic respond on a first-come, first-served basis until the desired number of responses have been collected. This enables fast results that aren’t necessarily nationally representative.

“There are many cases where speed is more important having a truly national representative sample. The results provide valuable insights that can drive agile processes forward in a timely manner,” says Rønstad.

She believes “insights-as-a-service” solutions like Norstat Express that incorporate market research “early and often” will accelerate a shift toward a paradigm of data-driven decision making.

“Think of what Google has done for our ability to get instant access to facts and information,” Rønstad explains. “We want to make it just as easy to get answers to questions about what people think so that decision makers and teams can incorporate those opinions at every step of the process.”