For analysts

Norstat Express for analysts, researchers, architects, product owners, managers, project managers, coordinators and strategists.

Analyst pointing at board

Understanding key trends and opportunities is at the heart of what analysts do. In our fast paced world with constant changes, it’s critical to be able to test ideas quickly.

With Norstat Express you can radically speed up instight generation. Use Norstat Express survey results to inform decision makers and increase turnaround time, or use the results to design more comprehensive MR follow up studies including nationally representative quant surveys, focus groups, qual face 2 face interviews etc.

Norstat Express lets analysts pose questions to our consumer panels in just a few clicks. And receive up to 500 qualified answers within the hour. Armed with quantifiable consumer insights, analysts become more agile and can speed up hypothesis testing to allow for faster direction changes in order to save both time and money.

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