For creatives

Norstat Express for designers, artists, copywriters, art directors, UX professionals, illustrators, editors and other creatives.


Writing a blog text, designing a new logo, or producing a video all involve countless decisions. From small details like font type to more strategic choices like format and key messages.

Traditionally, writers, designers, and producers have made most of these decisions based on their own assumptions and experience. But with Norstat Express, creatives can add real-time consumer insights to the creative process without missing a beat.

Nordic Express adds a whole new dimension to the creative process by making it possible to gauge consumer preferences on a range of questions that may arise along the way.

Which headline works better? Should the logo have a red background or blue? What animal do people most associate the brand with?

With Norstat Express, creatives can get guidance (or inspiration) from qualified consumer panels. Putting together a quick survey or A/B test takes only a few minutes. And Norstat Express can deliver up to 500 answers in the time it takes to go for a coffee or grab lunch.

With on-demand consumer insights just a few clicks away, a fork in the road need not become a roadblock in the creative process. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to inject some data-driven insight into the process, ensuring all the creative energy is being channeled in the right direction. And that the final product is aligned with consumer expectations.

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