For marketing managers

Norstat Express for marketing managers, marketing assistants, marketing executives, marketing analysts, content marketers, digital strategists, marketing coordinators, marketing consultants etc.

Marketing department

Understanding what consumers want is at the heart of everything a marketer does. Almost every decision rest on knowing what the target audience likes or dislikes. And in a world where consumer tastes can change overnight, it’s critical to know what’s trending today.

Access to quality, up-to-date consumer data can be the difference between a campaign that flies and one that flops. And with Norstat Express, marketers can get consumer preferences virtually on-demand. From brand associations to tagline testing to price sensitivity – Norstat Express turns best-guess suggestions into data-driven recommendations.

Norstat Express lets marketers pose questions to our consumer panels in just a few clicks. And receive up to 500 qualified answers within the hour. Armed with quantifiable consumer insights, marketers can make data-driven decisions quickly. And with the confidence that their recommendations are based on verifiable consumer preferences.

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