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Norstat’s promise is “Know your world”, but how can we promise that? Our answer is by connecting you to real people that represent a wide variety of the population. We can give you quality insights regarding their needs, preferences, and lifestyle choices. We know our panel members and how to engage them in our surveys. They know us and trust that we handle their data with care. Together we can give you access to a market leading source of trusted data at your convenience. Our panel members both know and represent Europe, and they can help you get to know your world!

We have built a panel network of over 2 million consumers across Europe. We use and control a wide range of different recruitment channels to reach a diverse group of people. Therefore, we are proud to say that we can reach a variety of population groups in our panels.

We know our panel members. We collect and maintain more than 600 profile points about each member. This includes their education level, salary, family situation, habits, and preferences. We can monitor the composition of the panels, if we see some groups are underrepresented in the panel, we target our recruitment accordingly. By doing this we can connect you to your desired target group, giving you insights into those you wish to learn more about.

Our panel members are doing us a great favour when responding to surveys and giving us valuable insights. We are also totally aware that some surveys are less fun than others. Therefore, we invest a lot in engaging and retaining the panel members whilst motivating them to complete surveys. We continuously strive to improve the panel member experience by improving our panel interfaces. We utilize modern technology and gamification elements to engage our panelists. We reward the panel members for their activity with points, they can spend these points on a variety of items in the Norstat store (donations to charity, gift cards and more). We acknowledge that the panel members are individuals with unique ideas, needs and thoughts. We treat them with respect and give them something back in return for the time they spend with us.

Alongside taking care of our panel members, we continuously strive for delivering the best data quality to our customers. Therefore, we monitor and control each panel member and their responses so that we can filter out duplicate members and untruthful responses. We tag and block low quality panel members and so called “cheaters” so that they are not able participate in surveys. Therefore, we can guarantee that each panel member is a unique individual that gives you actual and truthful information.

Our panel members are our most valuable and important asset, and they are ready to help you getting to know your world!

Håkon Bygland, Head of panel

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