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Norstat Express for product managers, product marketing managers, business analysts, product owners, program managers and similar roles.

Product manager

Hard choices are a fact of life for any product manager. But knowing what the customer wants and being able to back it up with data can help make many of those hard choices a little easier.

Unfortunately, getting access to consumer insights can take time and money that a fast-paced and agile product development process simply can’t accommodate. With looming deadlines, tight budgets, and fast-changing consumer tastes, product managers can’t afford to let the wait for answers slow the process down.

That’s where Norstat Express, our new self-service online survey solution, can make a difference. Norstat Express gives product managers quick and easy access to consumer insights from Norstat’s carefully curated consumer panels. Insights that can help guide decisions like what shape a new product should have or, which packaging consumers most prefer.

Take a few minutes to set up a survey before heading out to lunch. And return to data from as many as 500 answers, ready to make some of those hard choices a little easier.

Norstat Express enables product managers to make almost any decision a data-driven decision - making for more agile and responsive processes that ensure they can stay on time and on budget when bringing their next product to market.

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